Programming Perfection - Programming for Liquid Gold

Come and see how the water can provide you with your Liquid Gold!  Creating an atmosphere for meeting various goals and measures can be a challenge.   Your Gold standard can be achieved with new perspectives on creating, developing and maintaining a safe and effective aquatic fitness program.  We will look at ways to create new programs and enhance your current programming. 

Liquid learning for powerful participation

Liquid Learning for Powerful Participation is a workshop to assist us in creating the “experience” for our participants that keeps them coming back.  Not every experience is a positive one, but we do always learn from them.  This workshop will help you and your staff create positive experiences and environments that will keep them Engaged, Focused and Successful!  Harness the power of your participants!

Making a splash -Creating your water studio

This workshop will help you take a critical look at your own facility from a client’s and instructors perspective; from your front door to your water environment.  We will examine equipment needs versus wants and the impact on your program.  Creating the aquatic atmosphere that will attract and retain fitness clients can be challenging.  Learn what to do to stand out and compete with the ever growing market.

Momba - dynamic duo

Dynamic Duo: Mom plus baby = Momba is a fitness class where a parent or caregiver and a child participate together in this dynamic duo workout.  Want to know how the best superhero’s (moms and caregivers) workout?  Come out and experience what water babies fitness can do for your superheros and their little protégés.

180 Degrees of Deep

Heat up your deep aqua classes with sizzling movements down under.  Learn the tips and techniques including utilizing full joint angles and action along with the 180 degrees of water to create a new and intensive workout! 

Amazon Arms

Come find your inner warrior as you experience the upper body workout that will put your ‘top guns’ in top shape!  This workshop will focus on the upper body compendium of movements and add some new twists to spice up your workouts.  Come and experience how arm movements can challenge your cardio and muscle focused workouts, core stability and add some creative combinations to your program.  “arm-azing” results.  Come and experience how arm movements can challenge your cardio and muscle focused workouts, core stability and add some creative combinations to your program.

Crunch - h2o Muscle Max

Are you ready to get pumped up on water?  Come and experience the water equals weight principle.  Learn how to focus on movements that matter.  This workshop will guide participants through a total body muscle focused class.  From the lesson planning to the implementation stage, learn how to get your participants aqua-pumped!  From shallow to deep, and head to toe; this class will keep you on the go.

On Stage 'all the world's a stage'

Lights, Camera, Action! Or in our case Water, Music, Movement! This active dry land session is designed for instructors who want to inspire and educate clients while teaching effectively.  Learn tips and techniques for fine tuning your body alignment and movement execution, and the power of motivation through communication.  We are looking to find the actor and director in each of you.

Tethered Training

Come and experience what a little rope, some water and willing participants can do “all tied up”.  This is not only a recipe for fun but a functional and challenging workout.  This workshop is designed to illustrate how to maximize water’s resistance with one little piece of equipment, and the benefits to both participant and instructors.  You will experience electrifying cardio, 180 degrees + of movement, continuous core connection and much more.

Teaching tightrope

Are you prepared for the ‘emergency’ situations that may arise in your venue?  Simple injuries, strokes, heart attaches, sudden medical illness, and many more situations can put a damper on the participant and instructor’s fitness experiences.    Teaching Tightrope highlights the balancing act between the risks and rewards for participation in and instructing of any physical activity.  This session is designed to provide some insight into risk management, provide tools and strategies to ensure the overall health and safety of everyone is preserved through the policies, procedures and practices of your organization.

Challeng-ography - mindful movement

Learn the next level of creative choreography blocks to challenge the right and left brain through complex not complicated movements.  Be ready to bust the routine ruts and teach mindful movement to your participants.

Absolutely core challenge

The ABSolutely Core Challenge brings the CORE into focus for the participants.  This muscle focused class provides core stability challenges offered in a medium to high intensity program with an emphasis on engagement and enlightenment for Functional abdominal training.

Use your noodle (the right way)

Every pool has noodles!  Oodles and Oodles of Noodles - Are you using yours? They are economical and can provide a fun and safe variety to your aquatic fitness class. Come explore and learn how to incorporate the one piece of equipment that all pools have into your aquatic fitness routine. 


It’s all about the base!  Basic movements and patterns that can build to offer twists and options to even the most veteran of participants without being too complex for your beginners.  This session will illustrate how to teach an effective class to all levels of aqua enthusiast.  All of the blocks provided will be fully transferable for shallow and deep classes.

Suspended in motion

A dynamic deep water session with an emphasis on high intensity combinations infused with muscle work and core connections using a variety of techniques.  Play with 180 X 360 degrees of water as we ignite your suspended water classes to the next level.  Come explore the benefits of being suspended in water for a functional workout.