I consider myself a life learner, one who enjoys learning through life’s experiences, and by continually educating and challenging herself to stay informed and up to date with the industry.

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • Diploma in Fitness Nutrition and Lifestyle Management
  • CALA  Master Trainer & Presenter
  • CanFitPro FIS
  • 25+ year experience

Personal note

I am an outdoor enthusiast, and enjoy spending time in nature.  I love to hike, kayak or canoe, take photographs, and sometimes just relax in a hammock.  I consider myself fortunate to have a supportive, loving husband and two wonderful daughters who encourage my adventures and time away from home to share my passion with others.  I am blessed with a strong tribe, and a number of inspirational mentors throughout my life who have guided me to a place where I can share both their wisdom and my experiences with others.  It's my turn to pay it forward.

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Jennie is passionate about water – growing up in southern Ontario on Lake Erie and having a pool in her backyard she has been swimming since the age of 3.  With a background in competitive swimming, and leadership courses with a number of organizations, her full time career in Recreation and Aquatics is a perfect fit.  Jennie currently holds numerous aquatic qualifications and works for the City of Ottawa as a Portfolio Manager.  Jennie holds a diploma in Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Management and Early Childhood Education as well as being certified through CALA, YMCA/YWCA, CANFITPRO for various certifications and specialties.  Jennie’s passionate leadership and ‘fun-ctional’ workouts are inspired by her mentors, peers, participants and zeal for movement that matters.  Jennie is best known for the energy she brings to her training and facilitation of courses and workshops.  She has an authentic personality and a true passion for education through sharing her experiences, and knowledge with others. 

Be empowered by Jennie Queen, respected aquatic, fitness and recreation professional.  Energy, passion and authenticity are qualities displayed by Jennie in both her everyday life and her fitness classes and facilitated sessions.  Besides her dedication to continuous education and learning Jennie enjoys working with her staff, clients and recreation professionals enhancing their growth and development on their journey.  Jennie has been sharing her passion since a young age, starting in aquatics as an instructor/trainer which paved the path to Recreation where Jennie is currently a Portfolio Manager with the City of Ottawa. Jennie has combined all her love for aquatics, fitness and recreation with a focus on developing emerging leaders to her business.  Be inspired and empowered as Jennie shares her knowledge and experiences in a down to earth session.  You are invited to join the conversation and share in the synergy.