You are not a leader until you create one
— David Shands

Staff Management 

Creating a center of excellence in leadership

This workshop is designed to give all programmers, coordinators and managers some new perspectives on creating, developing and maintaining a dynamic and motivated team of leaders.  This is a theory workshop that offers ideas that are cost effective and easy to implement.  Take away some specific tools and strategies; which will help you empower your team to achieve success in this diverse and growing market. 

The 3 p's of staff management ~ people, performance, Process

“We are people first” come explore how this simple focus can change how we do our daily business.  Our staff matter, Our clients matter and we matter.  Staff Management from the ground up leads to excellent performance and service delivery.

Making Meaningful connections with performance ~ what's in it for me?

Connecting the dots from behaviours and actions to expectations and performance measures can be a daunting task.  Communicating information to our employees related to performance is a specialized skill set. This active session will explore the creative connections between performance behaviours and actions and the reinforcement processes in place. It is imperative to link the motivation factors within your performance measures to ensure a clear message is delivered. 

Resolve to Evolve

Times are changing and that means as supervisors and managers we need to evolve to meet the challenges and demands of the workplace, work load and our dynamic multi generational work force.  Come explore how some simple changes in mind set can ensure you don’t become an endangered species.

We Have to Talk: Conquering our Fear over Difficult Conversations

Think of a conversation you have been actively avoiding and putting off.  Got it?  There is a plethora of difficult, crucial, challenging, fierce, important conversations and an equally great number of resources available to help us navigate these interactions, so what is holding you back? Our ability to harness the power of effective communication through interpersonal skills as leaders is vital to the overall health and well-being of not only ourselves but our colleagues and teams as well. This session will uncover some of the difficult conversations we are currently avoiding and the reasons behind the struggle.  We will learn some best practice strategies including a checklist of action items to think about before we enter into the conversation.  We will explore some useful concepts to practice during the conversation; and time and suggestions to stay focused and keep the flow going.  Remember you can change and shape your work one conversation at a time. So, let's get talking.

Staff Training & Development

Tickle trunk & carpet bag training

This session is a carpet bag of tricks and ideas to invigorate your training routines.  Come explore what happens when PLAY comes back into training sessions.  Mr. Dress Up and Mary Poppins had the formula - for the work that must be done add an element of FUN.  They utilized a little imagination, songs, costumes, games, and some magic to their every day.  Training in our industry is necessary and therefore mandatory but it doesn't have to be painful for us or our staff.  With just a spoonful of sugar (creativity, imagination and fun) we can help the medicine (mandatory training session) go down smoothly, effortlessly and have a longer impact and improved retention.

AMP it Up! 

If you are seeking a path towards the development of individuals within your team, and create succession opportunities, then it is time for you to AMP up your Leadership training with on the job coaching and mentorship.  Apprenticeship Mentoring Program or AMP provide a detailed and structured process towards providing opportunities and experiences to those individuals in your organization who are seeking a challenge, promotion or leadership opportunities.