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PRO Forum ~ Parks and Recreation Ontario Conference

  • Blue Mountain Canada (map)

We Have to Talk: Conquering our Fear over Difficult Conversations

Think of a conversation you have been actively avoiding and putting off.  Got it?  There is a plethora of difficult, crucial, challenging, fierce, important conversations and an equally great number of resources available to help us navigate these interactions, so what is holding you back? Our ability to harness the power of effective communication through interpersonal skills as leaders is vital to the overall health and well-being of not only ourselves but our colleagues and teams as well. This session will uncover some of the difficult conversations we are currently avoiding and the reasons behind the struggle.  We will learn some best practice strategies including a checklist of action items to think about before we enter into the conversation.  We will explore some useful concepts to practice during the conversation; and time and suggestions to stay focused and keep the flow going.  Remember you can change and shape your work one conversation at a time. So, let's get talking.