Your Leadership Legacy

"Do you know who you are? Don't Ask, Act! Action will delineate and define you."

- Thomas Jefferson

Do you have a clear vision for the style or type of leader you are striving to be?  Do you have an idea of what you want your work legacy to be?   If you wish for your legacy to be one associated with your leadership, then it is vital for you to live your legacy daily.  You and your leadership are your brand.

'Pursue your Passion ~ Live Your Legacy ~ Take A Minute & Create a Moment ~

Let it Go -It's Not About You'

One of the meanings associated with legacy, is for something handed down from one generation to the next.  There have been many mentors in my journey, those who have shared their knowledge, skills, passion and inspired me to follow my own path towards becoming a strong, dedicated and compassionate leader.  Through a fusion of  their guidance and my own experiences, I have been able to create my own vision of the kind of leader I aspire to be.  I have been able to define my career goals and objectives.  Together with a strong vision and mission linked to the impact I choose to have which is people centric, I will Live my Legacy everyday.

My legacy will be the leaders who I help to find their own path.  I believe that I will have reached my true leadership potential when I successfully play a small role in the development, inspiration and mentoring of a future leader.  It is through creating quality connections with colleagues, and developing strategies and tools to empower individuals towards finding their own paths towards accomplishing their personal and professional goals, that I will achieve my definition of success. 

"It may be time to recognize all the small moments we captured the momentum of wind to adjust our sails and navigate in a new direction." - JQ

Success is going to be defined differently for each of us, and it may change dramatically over the course of our career.  We need to occasionally. slow down and enjoy the view from where we are to best reflect on how we arrived at this destination, and where we ought to be travelling next. Is there a leader from your past who has had a positive impact on your growth and development?  I encourage you to take a moment to acknowledge the role these people have played in your personal or professional journey.  All too often we dwell on merely the hard lessons leaders or those opportunities for growth from a negative experience, without stopping to say 'Thank you' and appreciate the smaller moments which also moulded us.  

  Do you have an idea of what you want your work legacy to be?  If you have a vision to be a impactful leader who others will want to collaborate with, I suggest adopting a mission which embraces your purpose and always puts your people first.

'Pursue your Passion ~ Live Your Legacy ~ Take A Minute & Create a Moment ~ Let it Go -It's Not About You'