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Re-discover, Re-inspire, Re-define Recreation

Recreation has many definitions including a pastime, diversion, exercise or other resource affording relaxation and enjoyment.  It has also been described as the act of creating anew.  We as recreation professionals are in the business of creating experiences and opportunities in fitness, arts, culture, aquatics, after school programs, camps and countless other programs and services.  Recreation is an ever evolving, fast paced, crazy on a slow day adventure.  It takes passion, dedication and a lot of time, energy and hard work to be successful in our industry. 

For your next adventure in recreation, I invite you to Re-discover, Re-Inspire and Re-define your journey in recreation with me through staying connected.  Stay tuned for seasonal newsletters, future blogs, follow me on social media and join in the conversation.

Growing a Tribe because it takes a Village

I am on a mission to create a tribe of kindred spirits.  This is a call out to all individualswho are seeking motivation, inspiration, information, knowledge and skills to empower themselves and their teams.  A call forcollaborators to  sharing their knowledge, skills and passion for recreation.  Together we can build a strong network of recreation professionals.  I hope you will consider staying connected and become part of this community.