Catching the wave to the most versatile fitness experience

When you think of aqua fitness what is the first thing that comes to your mind? 

For many people it creates a visual of a group of older aged, grey haired women floating, splashing and bouncing around the pool often with pool noodles and lots of socialization.  Visualized by a person who has only glimpsed the surface of the water; and not experienced a class for themselves. 

Although it can take many diverse forms, it is simply fitness in the water.  The best thing about exercise in the water is that there is something for everyone with its versatility to accommodate all levels of fitness and mobility.  Classes may take place in shallow or deep water.  With deep-water classes, you wear a floatation device, often a belt, to perform the exercises in a suspended format.  There are group classes and individual options like personal training.  Additionally, programs can be designed to challenge athletic participants, individuals with special needs or those requiring rehabilitation.  Every population and every person has a place in the water. 

When I think of aquatic fitness, I think of athletes training their VO2 max thresholds with water running sessions.  Of mixed martial artists like BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre using water for training strength, power and flexibility.  I think of Olympic athletes like Mark McMorris who used water training for his recovery back to competing in snowboard events including this year’s Olympics.  I picture warmer water mindful yoga classes, healing waters programs for individuals with chronic conditions, preparing or recovering from surgeries.  I observe prenatal clients, moms and babies enjoying a workout together.  In addition, yes, there are even group classes some graced with silver hair where clients are enjoying the perfect workout with their community of friends.  

 Do you see yourself in any of these pictures?  It would be hard not to.  Aquatic fitness can provide a training outcome for every fitness goal.  It also gives you a high return on your time and output investments.  These are just part of the reasons why so many people are catching the wave of water fitness.

Did you know that aquatic fitness in its various forms has been around for over 30 years? This form of exercise is not a fad.  It is a sustainable trend toward an all-inclusive, functional and fun form of exercise.  While aquatic fitness has taken many forms over the years, and continues to offer a diverse array of program options, I believe it’s the magic of water that draws us in and keeps us coming back.

Aquatic exercise is one of the finest and most effective forms of fitness training.  It provides both a fantastic cardiovascular fitness and is very effective in the conditioning of muscles.  To comprehend what aquatic fitness is and how it relates to other forms of exercise, it helps to understand the effects of water on the body and on exercise physiology.  However, I believe that the best way understand fully what aquatic fitness offers would be to experience it for yourself. 

So, jump into a class today and catch the wave of excitement for this versatile form of exercise.  I look forward to seeing you at the pool.