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Own Your Day



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Own Your Day

It's your day ~ your way. 

Learn how to create and control your days, weeks, and months so you can spend more time enjoying life.  I will teach you ways to manage your time, control your calendar, calm the chaos and increase your productivity! 

Giving you back your life.

Hi! I'm Jennie

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 I am a life and leadership coach with over 25 years of experience in leadership which has taught me a lot about people, processes and performance.  I have extremely high standards for myself and others. At the heart of it, I want to see people succeed.  But even more importantly, I want them, and you, to enjoy life. And you can't do that if you are stressed, burnt out or have lost your spark.

I am exist to inspire self-actualization, and empower my clients to grow into the best version of themselves and live fully every day while designing their envisioned future.  This is Living Your Legacy.

And you are just one inspired action away from beginning your journey. 



You Give Me

Just 45 minutes a day for 5 days.  That is all I need to transform your life and help you OWN YOUR DAY.

I'll Give You:

  • Time back in your day. 
  • The systems and processes I use every day, week, and month; to maximize my productivity.
  • Strategies to stay focused. 
  • Key principles to calm the chaos and own your day, starting with your calendar.
  • Exclusive insights and tools to my proprietary system.
  • Tools to stay focused. and find ease in your day & life.
  • Organization strategies you can start using right away.
  • This is a game-changer and an incredible amount of value.

What we will cover

Day One

My signature system and how it works.

Day Two

Getting from To Do to Done.

Day Three

Chaos to Calm.  

Day Four

It's all about the Foundation

Day Five

Your winning weekly plan

This program is designed to be an engaging and transformative experience. With guided exercises,  live discussions, and a detailed workbook you’ll leave this series aligned and ready to design and lead your best life. 


Count me in

It's time to Ditch

the Badge of Being Busy!

It isn't serving you.  It isn't even healthy.

Deep down you know this to be true.  Being busy is not the same as being productive.

I will admit that for years, I bought into the ideology of busyness.  I perpetuated and even valued statements like I am just "so busy". 

Every day was a sprint to get things done.

At work, it was all the tasks, the checklists, the projects the paper shuffle, and the people management.  At home, it was the chores, the kids, the family, and my side hustle of building my business.

All-Day Every-Damn-Day!

Days, weeks, months even years went by where I was exhausted.

I got a lot done - but I was NOT productive....and I was completed burnt out.

Until I decided to flip the script.

When I threw everything I knew out the window.  All the things I was taught about productivity and time management were not working, so it was time for a re-design.  That is when I started to live again, with purpose, passion, and yes productivity.

I know you can too! 

It's time to Own Your Day. Let's do this together.

Own Your Day

Learn how to manage your TIME, CALM the CHAOS, control your CALENDAR and increase your PRODUCTIVITY!

So you can get on with simply Living Your Best Life.

I am ready to Own My Day