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Ready to start really living your best life?

Then you're in the right place. 

Designing a legacy worth living is both a process and a daily practice. 

I coach women in all seasons of their life towards a passionate and purposeful future that they can live intentionally and experience fully.

Living life fully every day while intentionally designing your envisioned future starts here.

You are an achiever.  You enjoy working toward goals, having a positive impact, and contributing.

You don’t like the stress, health sacrificing busy-ness, and go, go, go that comes along with chasing your goals.

It feels like a no-win situation: you either must sacrifice too much to go after what you want, or you must stop going after it.

Which you 100% do not want.

You are a leader in your industry, business, and family.  You are passionate about what you do, and the potential for the future.  You don’t like the current work culture, never turning off, stress and overwhelm of the day to day that doesn’t seem to end.  

It feels like you are stuck; you either keep hustling and trucking forward likely to burn yourself out, or you lower your standards, choose to not advance in your career or leave.

Which you really don’t want to do.

Faced with these scenarios, feeling stuck and trapped, most people give in to one option or the other.  

The dive back into the stress cycle again.  Or they give up on their dreams.

But there is an alternative.  It’s the one my clients choose.


Designing a Life Worth Living.

Owning their Days.

Thriving with a life and work blend that brings harmony and success.

Living Your Legacy means you are ready.

✦ Ready for the next level.

✦ Ready to get your Masters in Accomplishment

✦ Ready to lead inspired.

✦ Ready to write your own rules.

✦ Ready to have fun all the way to your dreams.

We can keep what social programming would have us believe: we must work twice as hard and do it all to be successful.

Or we can choose a different path.  One where we thrive with a life and work blend that opens the door to success and our legacy.  Without the drama.

I would love to invite you to your next level.

The one where you have your dreams and a life you love.

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Let’s Design Your Legacy Worth Living.

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Hello! I have so much to share with you.

My name is Jennie. 

I have been exactly where you are right now.   

That's right several years ago, I was researching Life Coaches because I knew I was missing something, struggling, and stuck wanting more.  I felt that life wasn't meant to be so hard, surviving was no longer enough for me. 

It was time to thrive. 

I reflected and realized that since my old tools and strategies were no longer working, it was time to create some new ones.  I leveraged my 20+ years experience.  After all, I had the skills I needed: leadership, organization, time management, systems and processes.  

I took all those skills, merged my passion and experience, and I created new ways to manage my time, and new perspectives on my path forward.

Living life fully, to me, means that I am present for as many moments as possible and intentionally creating moments that spark joy.  I take living my legacy very seriously.  It is all about putting more living into my every day.  Living in alignment with my values and intentions.  And enjoying the journey as much as possible along the way.

I empower my clients, just like you, to actively live their legacy, so what will yours be?

Achieve the perfect blend of life & work and Design a Legacy Worth Living. 


  Are you living your life by design or default?

Imagine, waking up every day with excitement & purpose.  Learn to live fully every day while purposefully designing your envisioned future. Through clarity, choices and commitment take inspired, intentional, and aligned actions every day while enjoying the view from here.

Time Management, Organization & Productivity Courses to help you Live & Lead Your Legacy. 


 What would harmony between life + work mean to you?  

When you learn how to master your to-do lists, own your schedule, curate your calendar, and integrate the right structure into your days, weeks and months…you will shift from chaos to calm, and live an intentional and productive life.

1:1 Coaching

Often the most impactful thing you can do for yourself is invest in you and your journey.  Click here to see the private coaching sessions that are available to you.

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Programs & Packages

Looking for a little extra support & guidance?  Click here to view the complete programs and packages that I am currently offering, all of which are designed to provide you with a higher level of support along your personal journey of Life + Work Harmony.

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Keynotes & Speaking Engagements

Be inspired and empowered as Jennie shares her knowledge and experiences in her down to earth sessions.  You are invited to join the conversation and share in the synergy. If you are interested in booking Jennie Queen as a speaker for your Live Event, Summit or Podcast Guest, please contact us today.  


Freebies & Digital Downloads

Looking for a quick fix, inspiration or a DIY solution?  I’ve got you – I believe in serving my community.  I have curated a library of useful resources to get you started and keep you inspired along the way

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Sometimes all you need is a quick introduction to help you get started with something new!  Here you will find an array of pre-recorded workshops and courses covering a variety of topics such as journaling, morning routines, and finding your spark.

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