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coaching legacy self-development May 25, 2021

Creation is something that feeds our soul; it engages our mind, reignites our fire, fuels our passion, and renews our spirit.  Imagine creating something that had the capacity to influence change, help others or fulfill your most audacious dreams. 

Creation means to evolve from one’s thought or imagination into a work of art or invention.  You are a masterpiece.  Be thoughtful and give yourself permission and the space to evolve into your truest self and live your greatest life. 

You are the creator of your one precious life.  You are creating your reality every day either consciously or unconsciously.  You have the choice to be an active, aware protagonist in your life, or a bystander, observer, or even an antagonist of our story.  Choose wisely, for this sets you on a course, which your intentions are not be aligned with.  The good news is that as the creator you have the ability to course-correct, with a little reflection and recalculation you can recreate and experience the life you are seeking.

Empower yourself to take ownership, play an active role, be conscious and self-aware.  This allows you to create and make your dreams our reality.  It is your responsibility to take the pen and write your life. Become the leader of your life. To truly live and love your creation. 

Define yourself and design the life you want to live. Creation is about bringing into existence.  There is no timeline.  It is never too early, or too late to create or recreate your path. Start with a clear vision and mission so that you can lead yourself in a direction that speaks to your soul.  Have clarity on what is most important to you, this is where you are intended to invest your time, energy, efforts and share your gifts.  It will also be where you will find the greatest rewards.  Create upon this foundation.  Create with intention. 

Believe in yourself and your vision.  This creation is the greatest gift you can give others and yourself.  You have the power to influence, to change, to help others, and to fulfill your wildest dreams.  Now go and create.


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