Designing a Legacy Worth Living

coaching leadership legacy Dec 30, 2021

Designing a Legacy Worth Living

It’s the last week in December and I am sure I am not the only one thinking about how fast the time is flying by but feeling like nothing is really happening.  This year has felt like an endless rollercoaster, with COVID with life feeling somewhat on pause.  Things are happening, of course, but nothing as tangible, nothing final, and nothing with closure.

Perhaps this is why I feel tired, and restless at the same time.  I find myself pondering what I am doing.  Asking if this is what I want to be doing?  Life is going by so fast, is this how I want to be spending it?

I look back at the decisions and choices I have made and can see how they brought me here.  How each choice leads to another, and eventually, you’re either where you want to be, or you’re further away from it.  And while we hope to have all the time in the world to change things, or recalculate, we first need to know what we want to change.  To know what makes us happy.  To have clarity on what we want.

I believe that to live your ideal life, you must make what you want and what you need have the space to coexist.  It is often finding this space of want and needs that so many of us get tripped up.  We forget the things we really want and instead focus too much on the need like money or security.  We forget to take time to rest and enjoy the present moment and instead focus endlessly on the hustle and grind.

For some, the overwhelming choices create a challenge.  The myriad of choices creates feelings of anxiety.  This can emerge from a lack of confidence or concerns as to how others will think about your choices.  So, you may find yourself choosing not what’s right for you, but instead choosing based on how you think you will be perceived. Maybe you simply become frozen in a state of indecisiveness when there are too many choices.

Because life is ultimately all about choices and to get out of feeling stuck, find your spark, or this chaotic mess of too many wrong choices, try simplifying things and start making decisions and letting in opportunities and choices that support and align with your values.

Learning to take full ownership of designing your life can create the life you have been dreaming of.  It requires you to have clarity on your vision, and the courage to make the right choices along the way.  But most importantly, it requires you to be present enough to enjoy all the moments and gratitude for both the joys and the mess along the way.

So, don't be in a hurry this New Year to make resolutions, or be searching for the better version of yourself.  Instead, pause and be grateful for this past year, your wins, your obstacles, and the happy moments sprinkled everywhere.  Then with each new day, choose yourself and create a life you love one day at a time.

That is what it means to Live Your Legacy.  

I will be here cheering you on and in your corner always. 


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