Life Lessons: Customization is essential

coaching legacy self-development Dec 26, 2022

How you take your coffee and what it can teach you about living a better life.

There is a booming business for helping us achieve our caffeine fix.  Every company scrambling to offer you a comfortable and reliable experience, friendly atmosphere and the just right perfection of our special beverage crafted uniquely for us.


You may customize your beverage for taste, outcome (caffeine kick -hello extra shots) or to best meet your needs (non-dairy for a happier gut).  Whatever your requests or reasons, you are happy to pull up to the window or walk up to the counter with your unique and intentional order.  And then smile as you sip and enjoy your drinking experience.  


And yet in our own lives 

we often accept the standard - like ordering straight from the menu.

we are much less intentional and the tolerations we accept have us living more by default than design.

compare our journey to those of others.

expect the same systems, tools and resources that work for everyone else to work for us.


Why is it that we are able to curate the perfect cuppa and not approach life with the same care and consideration?


Customization for individualization is at the heart of any personal development. This is the art of curating.  You can curate your space, your inputs, your schedule and ultimately your life.  

Curating your life means selecting the things, thoughts, actions, and activities that are most important, meaningful, and impactful to you and your life.  The ones that are the most joyful for you.  Then fiercely focusing your energy on those endeavours.  It also means being selective to pick only the best and discard the rest.  


I am taking radical responsibility for curating and customizing my life. 

I am designing a life worth living.

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